Our principles

Modern software only

Many other web hosting businesses rely on long outdated software versions and rarely update their infrastructure. This makes maintenance easier, but prohibits the use of many new features and standards, like HTTP/2. We at fnordserver are proud to be at the frontlines of internet technologies, and make sure to keep up with new standards and protocols.

Security and backups included – always

No matter how much or little you host with fnordserver, the newest security standards and daily backups are always included, free of additional charge. We firmly believe backups and security standards should be an essential part of any web hosting offer.

No data disclosures to governments

We'll be frank: We're not a huge conglomerate with a team of lawyers at the ready 24/7. But you can be damn sure we'll never disclose your data to any government just like that. And if it ever does happen, we will always make sure to let you know.