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Worry-free WordPress Hosting. Reliably managed by fnordserver

Power your website with the most popular Content Management System — WordPress. The simple interface also enables inexperienced users to create new pages or edit existing content.

We'll take care of security and updates for you.

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WordPress without the maintenance hassle

New security flaws make rounds quickly – so it's even more essential to keep your WordPress up to date regularly. With fnordserver, you can stop worrying about security issues. We keep an eye on your WordPress and install updates and security patches for you – not just for WordPress Core, but for all your installed plugins, too.

No data loss thanks to automatic backups

Thanks to our automatic backup system, your data is protected against loss. A copy of your website and database is encrypted daily and transferred to a separate data center so that your data is safe even in the event of physical damage to the server or natural disaster.

Secure hosting - for you and your customers

With a free SSL certificate and state-of-the-art security standards, you and your customers are safe. Connections to the server are encrypted at all times to make sure third parties can't intercept login data, contact forms or credit card information.

Optionally we can take additional measures for your website, such as HTTP Strict Transport Security or Content Security Policies. Just get in touch!


Our daily backups protect you against data loss - thanks to offsite backups even in case of natural disasters.


We make sure your Wordpress is always up to date. Updates are installed by us.


We always ensure the best possible performance for your WordPress installation.


Your site is hosted with the latest security standards. An SSL certificate is provided for free.

Personal Support

Our team is always at your side. Get in touch at any time!

Change Logs

We will send you a log of all changes we made for you at the beginning of every month.


1 Gbit/s


🇪🇺 Berlin



TLS Encryption

Included free of charge




Support for HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and TLS 1.3

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Mit unserer automatischen, serverseitigen PageSpeed Optimierung wird Ihre Webseite automatisch auf wichtige Rankingfaktoren verbessert. Und das ganz ohne Eingriff in Ihre WordPress-Installation.